Plan your city: Bring life back to Deathbridge

Plan Your CityToday, Joanne and I had the opportunity to meet with city consultants Cory and Brian, who are involved with the process of bringing Lethbridge into the 20th 21st century. They’re part of the “Plan Your City” initiative, where Lethbridge might actually listen to its citizens, so as to shape our future up to the year 2050 (before beastmen enslave humanity).

Listen, Lethbridge matters to me, or else I wouldn’t have started this blog. If you’re a young person like me (I’m 28) who has ever referred to this city as “Deathbridge,” this should matter to you.

Not only is the city holding visioning workshops, which probably won’t give much true insight, they are also encouraging everyone to create their own “city circles.”

A City Circle is a self-formed and self-managedĀ  group of Lethbridge residents who want to help with preparing the new Plan. To form a city circle get a group of friends together; they can be from work, school, sport, extracurricular activities, an existing organization, your family, all of the above – there are no rules for how your Circle organizes itself.

Your City Circle will meet when and where its members want and discuss any community related issue you choose such as: Arts, Heritage, CULTURE, Parks, recycling, SUSTAINABILITY, zoning, roads, CITY GROWTH, pesticide use, RECREATION, affordable housing, protecting the river valley.

The point of the circle is to submit your ideas for presentation to the public. These ideas will be published in the Plan Your City Ideas Book and presented at an Ideas Fair in October. Joanne and I plan on starting one very soon, so keep your eyes on Lethbian Love.

Over lunch, she and I ranted on numerous issues; things that should be addressed now and others worked towards. I feel we have a long way to go before becoming a progressive city, but the following is just a small sampling of the things we brought up.


  • must be designed
  • isn’t inspiring, especially to youth – why do they all want to leave?
  • needs to cultivate culture, such as the arts – why are art collections locked up at the university and college?
  • is not beautiful (save the coulees) – we need more architecture and green spaces
  • has transportation woes: bus transit sucks, we need a third bridge, more bike paths & pedestrian streets
  • needs more higher density & affordable housing
  • needs curbside recycling, or even bins downtown, let alone more sustainable practices
  • must pierce through the accepted norm or else change won’t happen
  • and so much more (succulent bison steak has pervaded my thoughts)

I’m not a political person or anything like that, but I want to see this city change because I’d hope to stay here. I want an amazing city; not one to try and find excuses to love it.

Seriously, it’s up to you – the people who read this blog! Don’t let the nearly-dead or religious conservatives dictate the future of this city – it’s yours!

If you want to know more, get in touch with the City Circle coordinator, Brian Conger at 403-329-7139.