Anime club fail

I don’t make it a secret that I love animation and, in another life, would probably have been a cartoonist.

With that said, I watch a lot of anime (and not just the tentacle stuff). However, my friends don’t share the same interest so I am relegated to watch my shows in lonely isolation.

I’ve known for quite awhile that the University of Lethbridge has a club called the “Japanese Anime & Manga Society (JAMS),” so for about the last week or so I have been trying to muster some courage and information, with plans to attend one of their meetings.

Tonight was the night, and here’s where I begin my rant…

Their website is horribly out of date. Although it gives the general day, time and location that meetings occur (Mondays, 5:30 in TH204 – subject to change, of course), I emailed them last week to verify if a meeting was indeed scheduled for tonight. Their generic contact never replied. Thanks.

I looked on Facebook and found the JAMS group, which was in even worse disregard. Okay fine, at least it had a real person as a contact that I could message. Except she was their webmaster two years ago and is no longer a member. She was able to tell me that meetings in the past were held at 6PM.

So I took the chance and showed up at TH204 right at 5:30PM. It was empty, so I waited for a bit. I figured that I was early and that the meeting would hopefully start at 6. No one entered that room. There were no signs on the door. Even the ULSU clubs web page proved useless.

After realizing I was wasting my time, I decided to leave the University. I had almost exited Turcotte Hall when something caught my eye through a door window – the end credits to some anime series! Go figure, another room. I stepped inside.

But the reason why I wanted to go to this club was to meet and socialize with people who shared the same interest as me, but instead found a dark room of mostly dudes, all staring at a projection screen. Not one person turned their head to see who walked in. If I wanted to sit in a dark room watching anime, I’d just stay at home and download shows from various bittorrent trackers!

To end my rant, I left pissed off. I found the club, but didn’t care to stay after that.

If you can’t be bothered to keep your website updated and lines of communication open for people who’d be willing to attend, then screw you!