Lethbian Lover featured on Citytv for hard-hitting and in-depth anime news report, ugh


I don't normally show off my collection of half-naked cartoon centerfolds, but when I do it's on prime-time news television.

With Nishikaze 2013 coming up, I thought I'd take a look back 5-6 years ago and see how much of a blabbering idiot I still am. The newscast was a favour for my reporter "friend," Ashley, who begged and pleaded to embarass me on the Calgary Citytv station.

Here's my VHS rip. You probably should not watch.


And when I said what "my genre" is, it's not really that at all. I was watching Maburaho (the centerfold girl) at the time and, if memory serves me correct, it was a some sort of magical princess harem anime. I should just shut up now.

I like to socializes and friendly.

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