My friend Michael Warf messaged me asking to me help promote an inspiring event he's hosting, which happens to be today!

ELEVEIGHT is a new "TED-esque" speaker series on the scene in Lethbridge.

Why a speaker series?

Through branding work I’ve been involved in with IDID, I’ve met countless positive influences on my life – but when I’d attempt to share stories I’d heard on the road, or observations about people living remarkable lives – I felt like there was always an element missing.

There’s something magical about hearing a story up-close, firsthand, in the speaker’s voice. The opportunity to ask questions, dig deep and maintain relationships just isn’t there with a one-way medium like print – so being “talk and tech” junkies (we love the TED series), we started asking if the same people sharing their stories of inspiration and transformation would be willing to hang out and share it with you.

They said yes.

Welcome to Eleveight | ONE – Lethbridge, Alberta

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“Spring Flood”

Richard Gottardo produced this beautiful aerial video of Southern Alberta landscape during the recent flooding. Watch:

To learn more about how it was made, head on over to PetaPixel or check out his Reddit post.

Nishikaze 2014

Dear fellow Otaku,
It has come to my attention that Nishikaze, meaning "west wind," is once again upon us. Yes, Lethbridge's very own anime and Japanese culture con is happening on Saturday, June 28 at the University of Lethbridge.

Expect nosebleeds this time, because there will be a maid café! Not to mention a cosplay competition…I'm betting on Kill la Kill and Attack on Titan.


See you there.

What’s a “Chinook”?

After mentioning the Chinook in my last post, I came to realize that outsiders might have no clue as to what the hell that is. Our city's unofficial slogan is, "Get blown in Lethbridge!"

For your consideration:

At first, one might be led to believe that this young gentleman is impersonating Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball," however that is not the case! He's enjoying the dry winds from the west as they bathe his body in warmth. This ball is known as The Lethbridge Wind Gauge, and can be found next to our tourist information bureau on Scenic Drive South.

So, what is a Chinook? Wikipedia explains it quite simply, in plain English:

The Chinook is a foehn wind, a rain shadow wind which results from the subsequent adiabatic warming of air which has dropped most of its moisture on windward slopes (orographic lift). As a consequence of the different adiabatic rates of moist and dry air, the air on the leeward slopes becomes warmer than equivalent elevations on the windward slopes.

As moist winds from the Pacific (also called Chinooks) are forced to rise over the mountains, the moisture in the air is condensed and falls out as precipitation, while the air cools at the moist adiabatic rate of 5°C/1000 m (3.5°F/1000 ft). The dried air then descends on the leeward side of the mountains, warming at the dry adiabatic rate of 10°C/1000m (5.5°F/1000 ft).

The turbulence of the high winds also can prevent the normal nocturnal temperature inversion from forming on the lee side of the slope, allowing night-time temperatures to remain elevated.

And for visual learners, here's an illustration:


The Chinook is an invaluable wind that keeps our winters moderate and blows all our trash to Coaldale, saving the city millions of dollars. Though, it can be of minor inconvenience, leading to a bad hair day here or there:

In southwestern Alberta, Chinook winds can gust in excess of hurricane force [120 km/h (75 mph)]. On November 19, 1962, an especially powerful Chinook in Lethbridge gusted to 171 km/h (106 mph).

But you don't have to take my word for it!

Lethbian Love’s guide to tobogganing

When our Chinook isn’t breathing her gentle 130 km/h winds in Southern Alberta, Old Man Winter takes over and loads upon us ice and snow. But who doesn’t like a good dump once in awhile? Now, let’s toboggan!

Step 1: Gear up on the cheap

First things first, if you're like me and can't afford snow pants, use these common household items: garbage bags and duct tape!

Garbage bag snow pants

Image source: Liana Maeby / Urlesque

If you want, use Glad "Big Orange" garbage bags for additional flair. Optional: keep your feet dry by tying shopping bags over your shoes.

Step 2: Select your ride

Live frugal, live dangerously. Now that you've equipped your garbage bags, we turn our eyes to our toboggan, or lack thereof. For about five bucks, you can get a "Crazy Carpet" from our local Peavey Mart or Canadian Tire stores. They're fast and portable. That kid with the wood sleigh? You'll be up and down the hill 5 times before he drags his slow, safe monster back up.

Crazy Carpet

Image source: Pelican International

Step 2A (advanced):

Veterans of the hill know the legendary GT Snow Racer. If you've got adult money, Stiga makes some of the best on the market.


Step 3: Location, location, location!

In my mind, there's no better location than The Sugar Bowl. If you're bold enough, you can also risk going through the underpass and challenging the coulees. I've done this a few times, and have the facial scars to prove it.

The Sugar Bowl

Image source: The City of Lethbridge

Step 4: Wicked jumps

No tobogganing expedition is complete without getting some major air. Pile up that snow at the bottom of the hill and finish your ride with the sweetest jump ever. Bonus points if you actually land on your crazy carpet!

Image source: Pascal Lauener / Reuters

Now that you've carefully studied my guide, venture out and have fun!

Say “aloha” to this food truck

I heard rumour of a food truck traversing the streets of Lethbridge, but didn't think twice about it until I saw this tweet from from @Masson23:

Hawaiian Treats Food Truck

Keep on the lookout for Hawaiian Treat's truck, and if you eat there make sure to take some photos or tell us about it in the comments!


Hawaiian Treats: Facebook | Twitter

How many rabbits on a Pilsner label?

For all Molson claims to have maintained the integrity of the Old Style Pilsner label, there's that one nagging question that comes to every drunkard's mind: how many rabbits on a Pilsner label?

You see three at first, then have another beer and see four. Then they change the label, get hate, only to change it back to something similar (but not quite the same) and say they're doing good on us folk, despite quietly killing off another rabbit! Look how those corporate big-wigs taunt us with their "YouTubes":


Oh well, at least I've tried to document its history the best I could. Lots of good and insighful comment on my original post.

I heart Sidney York

Sidney York

I got an email from a publicist the other day giving me a heads up that Calgary electro-pop duo Sidney York is playing at The Slice on January 25th. I always am happy when bands call on little ol' me for exposure because I get to listen to new albums before they're out!

Today, in fact, Sidney York's latest album <3s drops and it's a treat! But that's because I'm a connoseur of the genre. You can listen to a few tracks on CBC Radio 3, or check this out:


And according to them, "It's not often an navy reservist turned opera singer (Brandi) meets up with a classically trained bassoonist (Krista) to create a electro-pop band, after all."

Doing hard time for a good cause


Sometimes, being on the wrong side of the law can feel so good, like that time I crossed the street when the hand was flashing orange. The exhiliration!

This year I am volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society for their annual Jail-N-Bail campaign!

Jail-N-Bail involves mock arrests of willing and fun-loving participants who are taken to a mock jail at the event site. You can choose to turn yourself in or help put a felon behind bars. After a playful trial, the jailbird is found guilty and bail is set. The jailbird can choose to go to jail or they can volunteer for house arrest to raise as much bail money as possible by contacting family, friends, co-workers and businesses for tax-deductible donations.

The money raised through Jail-N-Bail helps the Society continue its fight for life by funding the most promising cancer research, support programs and services for people living with cancer, comprehensive cancer information, prevention initiatives, and advocacy for healthy public policy.

Here's where my call to readers comes in: we're still on the lookout for jailbirds! Feeling a wee bit of guilt yourself or know someone who you'd like to snitch on? Consider doing some hard time for a good cause!

Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail | Facebook Page