Close Encounters of the Lethbian Kind

Editors note: the following is a guest article from Carli Kogler, who once gave us tips on dealing with an alien apocolypse. She's back and delves further into the paranormal.

A quick ol' fashioned Google search will provide you with loads of material concerning ghostly happenings and other paranormal events within the confines of our city, but what I have yet to find is a decent collective concerning anything to do with the UFO phenomenon. Every year, a good handful of reports are generated with various claims of strange lights and aircraft around Lethbridge's immediate area, yet where is the spotlight for those supposed little green men/secret government agenda? Isn't it time we throw down our shackles of obscure adversity and acknowledge them as yet another precious gem that Lethbridge might have to offer?

Compiled below is a list of some of the more interesting local tales and incidents I managed to scrounge up on the subject matter, so please sit back, enjoy with your eyes, and then forward this page to that family member for some lively commentary or a possible dinnertime debate.

UFO Case File 1: The Fleetwood Elementary Sightings

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Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's A TERRIFYING HOVERING ELLIPTICAL BLUEISH LIGHT THING? Let's throw rocks at it!

There's somewhat of a conflicting report on this one about whether it was only the school-aged boys who witnessed this occurrence, or if an adult was also present for some of the "apparitions". Either way, these news articles prove interesting in that this unidentified object looked and behaved much differently than the commonly reported aerial abnormalities of the specific era and that it was a "group" type sighting made by different witnesses at different times.

UFO Case File 2: The Airshow UFO(s)

Sources: [1] [2] [3]

Everyone remembers the great airshow jet crash of 2010, but while our minds were fixated on the death-defying reflexes of well-chiseled pilot Capt. Brian Bews and the arguably ":O" explosion of a multi-million dollar piece of flying metal, did we miss something else happening in the background? Shortly after the crash, a series of videos were uploaded and circulated online that many think capture UFOs among the various aerial events of that day. Was this an attempt by the unknown to steal the spotlight from one of the city's go-to summer attractions and perform their own gravity defying acrobatics, or are we seeing proof of something more sinister at hand? Expensive military jets don't just randomly crash on the windy prairie you know.

UFO Case File 3: Nordic Aliens, Ice Circles, and Orbs

Source: [1]

Here's an interesting report submitted to The Vike Factor from an anonymous patron disclosing some very bizarre information.

To the best of my knowledge, these photos were taken February/March of 2003 and the location was at the Old Man River, Lethbridge, Alberta. 

I could probably provide the GPS coordinates if you desire. I know someone who, on a different occasion has seen small chrome orbs above the river, upriver of this circle, but not related to this circle.

​I have personally seen what would be best described as a "Nordic" very tall, albino, long hair, no recognizable facial features, void of mouth eyes nose, just a blank face and acted very strange, again, not related to this circle.

Unfortunately, there's a very valid explanation on why/how ice circles like the one above are formed, but what I'd like to know is why the latter claims made by this person are treated as secondary information. I can't be the only one who is far more interested in this strange featureless tall white guy, right? Also, can we just take a minute to appreciate the DREAM BOATS known as Nordic Aliens?

UFO Case File 4: A well documented encounter

Source: [1]

Yet another post from The Vike Factor, this one has to do with a citizen experiencing what could very well be a close encounter of the third kind.

After being bothered by the sound of footsteps on the roof for three consecutive nights and finding no logical evidence or explanation to who or what was causing the ruckus, this citizen then witnessed a large triangular craft (which seems to be pretty popular around these parts) and documented the whole ordeal as best as they could.

This one stands out and is a personal fave because of the great attention to detail, so thanks anonymous person for delivering the goods on this – unlike the Nordic alien guy above

If you or anyone you know is being ruthlessly terrorized by the unknown or might have saw a thing in the sky once and lived to talk about it, feel free to tell us about it. Lethbian Love only runs half the time thanks to the fodder that comes from citizens like YOU (and sometimes money thrown haphazardly from that shady businessman downtown that smells like cognac and makes us do really weird things for him every September for his birthday…)

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