Meet Jenn. She’s new here.

Allow me to introduce Jenn Prosser, the newest contributor to Lethbian Love. I met her while she was selling her “goods” behind the King of Trade and knew I had to have her…write for me.

Jenn was born in the mid-eighties and has been living out a neon-coloured dream ever since. She enjoys flat pasta, 1-1/4″ page margins, synth rock and spotless arguments. Jenn, who has a penchant for being deliberately ostentatious, brings a certain panache to Lethbian Love.

Miss JP, as she is known to her clients, is a programmer at CKXU and hosts the show “Random Nation.” She is also a Meliorist contributor, past U of L Faculty of Arts & Science representative and is presently the Vice President Academic for the Students’ Union. And as of just 5PM today, she has been elected to the U of L Board of Governors as student representative (congrats!). Of course, all that pales in comparison to this gig.

Welcome aboard, Jenn! We look forward to your first article tomorrow on Lethbian Love.

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