High-level bridge gets lit once in a while

2009 marked the centennial of the Lethbridge High-Level Bridge. As part of the celebration, somebody thought to light up the bridge at night this past September.

Unfortunately (but not really), I was in Las Vegas at the time so I missed the first lighting. Luckily, this past Remembrance Day they lit it up once again, which I also missed (I forgot).

Thankfully, my colleague Martina Emard took some amazing photos and has allowed me to publish there here!

More photos and thoughts after the jump.

Martina writes:

I think residents who have lived here for an extended period take this beauty for granted. Growing up my family used to travel to Lethbridge on occasion, and I would always put my book down as we started heading down the Highway 3 hill so I could enjoy my first glimpse of the bridge.

Now, as I round the corner and the bridge comes into sight, it signifies home. The black, angular structure is a wonderful contrast to the prairie grass and rolling hills. The 12,400 tons of steel signifies strength, beauty and innovation. For me, being under the bridge while a train passes is like listening to a symphony.

Happy birthday, you strong beauty! I love you! Keep standing tall!

See the full set on Flickr (Thanks, Martina/Emme Design!)