Speak now, what brings you here?

On Facebook and Twitter the other day, I petitioned my dear followers to answer this question:

“What brought you to Lethbridge? What makes you stay? Good or bad – I’m curious to know!”

Here are a few of the more interesting responses:

Sarah: My Dad was transferred here in 1998, and I fell in love with Lethbridge and its Arts community! It is a great size city to raise my children in, has great schools, wonderful people, and lots of wind to blow any worries away!
Kelly: Schooling brought me here, career opportunities and my fiance (and our newly purchased house) keep us here.
Kevin: Moved here for college and fell in love with the city. Such a great sense of community, and the people are fantastic! Graduated in April of 2009 and refused to leave.
Michael: My job; I brought the Wife; the mortgage is currently keeping us there after my job was swallowed by the “economy” last summer.

More responses after the jump!

Melanie: I like the community atmosphere despite it being a city. There’s a lot of diversity and you can get involved in so many different activities if you so wish. I just wish the people were better drivers!!
Carleen: University, and University is making me stay haha
Bob: The mountains nearby and proximity to family in Calgary brought me here. Great people and easy going living keep me here!
Jessica: School brought me here, and is the ONLY thing keeping me here. I can’t wait to get away from the smell.
Lori: I came here for university in 89 and still here because i have a decent job. I’m STILL homesick for BC though 🙁
Stacy: I moved here to get away from Calgary. Even though I was raised in the military and have itchy feet, I like Lethbridge enough to come back and practice after Law School.

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8 thoughts on “Speak now, what brings you here?”

  1. Trying to figure out where I should go to school, between Lethbridge and Saskatoon, I figured, hey, new place, nicer weather, mountain views, friendly teachers at the college (who I met during the student for a day opportunity), stories from people at the college, telling me about the program. I loved the city while I was there and want to come back, at least for a visit.


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