Guest post: Some of my favourite places in Lethbridge

Lethbian Lover’s note: Here’s a guest entry from one of my friends, Damian Warszawski, who recently blogged about his view on Lethbridge and has graciously allowed me to re-post it here!

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Many people think that Lethbridge is a dreary windy hole of a town, I tend to agree but there is places that make this town worth wild. Living here most of my life I am ashamed to say I don’t know this town as well as I should, but it is getting easier by reading blogs from my cousin and my brothers friend. Hopefully this year I can get out more and experience what this town has to offer, whether it’s just going for a walk or seeing a show at a local bar. For now I will share with you two of my favourite places to relax, enjoy some drinks and love life.

Backstreet West
There is nothing quite like a small, close bar that I can go and sip back on some draft guinness. Ask anyone who has been there and I am pretty sure they will agree Backstreet is a great place to be. The atmosphere is pleasing I never feel cramped in or annoyed with other people there. It is always cool to see how many regulars they have there and the different crowds that come in throughout the day. A good selection of beer is another positive and their house beer is cheap and not too shabby. The food is excellent, of course their butter is the Jaime Sandwich which if you have not tried yet, what are you waiting for? The waitresses are cute and always nice and who could complain about that. So if your craving a drink or some food head on over and you’ll be glad you did.

My Parents Backyard
This one is a little more personal and very few people have actually been in this area of Lethbridge. If you have been there consider yourself lucky because my father has built himself a little slice of paradise. Tall trees surround the fence line giving the much needed privacy from the neighbours, and in the summer the green looks amazing. The very open area is awesome and as kids we have played catch, hacky sack, and even built a mini chip and putt 2 hole course. The garden next to the patio contains many flowers my mom plants and a tree that blooms only for a coupe days out of the year but when it does it is stunning. The patio itself is big with a table for supper, fire pit, BBQ, and a small table for lounging. Recently my dad has put in buffalo grass which adds a more wild life touch and looks different and great. This place is great and I will try to get some pictures next time I am over there.

Well that’s it for today hopefully this inspires you to take a closer look at the city around you and find your own special place. Good day.

Damian Warszawski is a Lethbian who like to blog and spin records. He regularly posts his top 7 weekly music countdown and writes about music, video games, clothing, photos, experiences and pretty much anything that pops into his head.

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