Allez cuisine!

This is my friend, Chef Doug. He’s a (culinary) Olympian heading to Luxembourg. Think Iron Chef on hard mode.

He also made me the best damn Manhattan ever.

Overes can handle the heat (via Lethbridge Herald)

Convocation at University of Lethbridge

Today, I had the pleasure to attend the University of Lethbridge’s convocation to celebrate my sister’s graduation. She received her bachelor’s degree, with an honour’s thesis, in English. I’m really, really proud 🙂

During convocation, we were shown some memorable clips from past honourary degree recipients, one being Chava Rosenfarb, Yiddish writer and Holocaust survivor. She received an honourary degree in 2006 and was invited to give the convocation address.

Thanks to keepmethoton on YouTube, I was able to find her full speech. You might want to grab a box of Kleenex for this one…


My Style featuring Jim

What’s with this weather, Lethbridge? I don’t even…

So, here’s an oldie of Jim that Joanne sent me some time ago. I completely forgot about it until now. Think summer!


Where’d your outfit come from?
My t-shirt is organic cotton from the California Brand SUB URBAN RIOT which I got at EDIT. The shorts are DYI cut-offs from the GAP. Shoes: Converse, Hat: Goorin, Bag: G-Star, Glasses: Armani.

Style icon?
David Stewart

Something about me?
Confidence=Style offs

My Style featuring Shaylene

Truth be told, I don’t know all that much about Shaylene. I vaguely remember the first few times I noticed her at work (years ago). And every once in a while I run into her in the hallways, so I stop to say hello.

What I do know: she’s got that well-dressed, smart girl with glasses look down. And I like it. Sorry there’s only one photo this time around!

General Studies Instructor & NIT Coordinator/Advisor at Lethbridge College

Where’d your outfit come from?
I bought the dress from Joanne at Edit. The brand of the dress is “Individual for iclothing co.”

The boots are from “Spring.”

Style influences?
Different environments often inspire a new direction of style. My style influences come from the streets of various places I have traveled. When I come home I am motivated to create a new outfit, it’s like taking on a new challenge, where I have to fit someone else’s look into my own style. The key is to make it so that this new look is an expression of my own unique personality and nobody else’s. Style is truly an expressive form of art.

With this particular outfit I was inspired by the juxtaposition of a dressy yet casual look with the incorporation of a classic fitting dress that makes a statement all on its own, and raw boots with a little funky edge!

Something about me?
I am a huge fan of clothes and quotes. Sometimes a well presented outfit can have the same effect as a well stated quote! There is much power in what we see…

My Style featuring Paul

I first “saw” Paul on a visit to Lethbridge a few years ago. I distinctly remember the plaid Diesel shirt that he had on. Flash Forward to a year later, when I actually moved to Lethbridge; I first “met” Paul at a costume party, he was dressed as an angel, and I was dressed as my interpretation of “the devil wearing Prada”. Paul and I are now friends!

Paul-Incredibly Stylish Person!

Where’d your outfit come from?
Vintage jean jacket, Naked an Famous Jeans (Edit), J. Lindberg t-shirt (Leo Boutique), H by Hudson boots (Gravity Pope), Missy Industry necklace (Edit).

Style influences?
Friends, people on the street, my family.

Something about me?
I’m a huge fan of comfortable and durable clothing & I LOVE shoes!

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My Style featuring Sarah

I met Sarah a couple years ago at our local video store. In a town with very poor customer service, Sarah was a diamond in the rough. Over the past couple of years I have had the pleasure of getting to know Sarah; and now, have the pleasure to call her my very stylish friend.

Sarah, soon to be graduated Stage Managing/Costume Designing Student!

Where’d your outfit come from?
Shirt & Broach: Value Village Shoes: Catholic Charities Skirt: I MADE IT!!! Belt: Joanne’s

Style influences?
Marc Jacobs, Zooey Deschanel, Audrey Tatou, Nylon Mag. I love the many of the fashion eras, specifically the forties and fifties!

Something about me?
I love finding clothing that no one else has and putting my own spin on
it. My favorite and first place I go to in thrift stores is the jewellery case, I like to think I am great at finding beauty in the obscure and random. I also LOVE making my own clothes, as clothing is the way I try to express myself. Also, I am a natural red head.

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My Style featuring Julia

Julia, whom I’ve mentioned recently, is one of the bestest waitresses ever. She has served me lots and lots of beer. I mean, a lot. I’m drunk right now actulsaffasy.

One reason I like her is that she always looks great, even when I am sober. This past Sunday I had my camera on hand and asked if she’d oblige to be featured on the blog. So here we go:


Where’d your outfit come from?
100% Winners

Style influences?
Myself! I like to be comfortable, and if I find a piece I think is interesting I find a way to make it work. I am a big fan of layers. I don’t really have one style… I do what I want.

Something about me?
I can hyper extend my elbows and spread all of my toes.

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Guest post: Some of my favourite places in Lethbridge

Lethbian Lover’s note: Here’s a guest entry from one of my friends, Damian Warszawski, who recently blogged about his view on Lethbridge and has graciously allowed me to re-post it here!

Drinks & Laughs. Scenery & Family
Many people think that Lethbridge is a dreary windy hole of a town, I tend to agree but there is places that make this town worth wild. Living here most of my life I am ashamed to say I don’t know this town as well as I should, but it is getting easier by reading blogs from my cousin and my brothers friend. Hopefully this year I can get out more and experience what this town has to offer, whether it’s just going for a walk or seeing a show at a local bar. For now I will share with you two of my favourite places to relax, enjoy some drinks and love life.

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