Historical Lethbridge anthem

I came across this YouTube video. He seems to know a lot about the history of Lethbridge! [citation needed]

Lethbridge Alberta was first known as “The Coal Banks”. The main industry in the early days of Lethbridge Alberta was coal, first discovered by Nicholas Sheran and then capitalized by the Galt Family. Coalbanks was renamed “Lethbridge” in 1906 when the Canadian Pacific Railroad was building track across Souther Alberta. They build the longest and tallest steel trestle bridge in the world across the coulees in Lethbridge Alberta and it was completed in 1909, still holding its records to this day. Lethbridge Alberta is a beautiful place when the snow melts in the summer because Lethbridge Alberta is founded on the banks of the Oldman River that snakes through Lethbridge on its way across southern Alberta. Lethbridge Alberta is now known more as a party town and its main industry is food processing. However, there may be oil around Lethbridge Alberta and this town may one day, boom again. Wait and see. Lethbridge Alberta is full of surprises. I verily enjoy the city of Lethbridge, Alberta. I invite you to have a look at Lethbridge Alberta yourself and learn more about Lethbridge Alberta from this song I wrote about Lethbridge Alberta.

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