More Engrish history of Lethbridge!

It is very accurate:

One-liner of the most in vogue museums of Lethbridge is the Sir Alexander Galt Museum and Archives. Believing the rumours stable ghosts visit it! After this you can trip along the Nikka Yuko Japanese Garden to think the instant unsophisticated unanimity and use to advantage the pulchritude of its floristic compositions.

Lethbridge is a big apple where celebrations and extraordinary play events never end. Here you purpose unequivocally find engaging places to collapse! Music, artistic, striking performances, children attractions and kid-friendly cafes and parks – this all is waiting on the side of you here.

History of Lethbridge (via Kim Siever)

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  1. classy..
    i liked this a little further down the page:
    “If you are dreaming fro a family clam-bake or a walk together with your children, Lethbridge parks are a apt hamlet to cause your dreams submit c be communicated true.”


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