Doing hard time for a good cause


Sometimes, being on the wrong side of the law can feel so good, like that time I crossed the street when the hand was flashing orange. The exhiliration!

This year I am volunteering with the Canadian Cancer Society for their annual Jail-N-Bail campaign!

Jail-N-Bail involves mock arrests of willing and fun-loving participants who are taken to a mock jail at the event site. You can choose to turn yourself in or help put a felon behind bars. After a playful trial, the jailbird is found guilty and bail is set. The jailbird can choose to go to jail or they can volunteer for house arrest to raise as much bail money as possible by contacting family, friends, co-workers and businesses for tax-deductible donations.

The money raised through Jail-N-Bail helps the Society continue its fight for life by funding the most promising cancer research, support programs and services for people living with cancer, comprehensive cancer information, prevention initiatives, and advocacy for healthy public policy.

Here's where my call to readers comes in: we're still on the lookout for jailbirds! Feeling a wee bit of guilt yourself or know someone who you'd like to snitch on? Consider doing some hard time for a good cause!

Canadian Cancer Society Jail-N-Bail | Facebook Page

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