Where to “Namaste” in YQL

Lethbridge is one of those cities that isn’t really known to pick up on trends in a fashionably-timed manner.

Maybe a little slow on the up-take is something common I hear from fellow Lethbians.

Well, I’m here to tell you that regardless of time frames of hip-happening trends, Lethbridge has certainly embraced the Zen life hard over the past few years.

Recently I’ve noticed quite the influx of yoga studios popping up in our community, so I wanted to take this opportunity to not only showcase some of the gems in our stellar community, but also take this time for a little bit of shameless promotion for the class I teach at Theoretically Brewing. 

Yoga is an incredibly personal experience that I encourage everyone who I cross paths with to try. To me, it there art form of connecting breath work, with body movement to facilitate and promote a healthy mind, body and spirit. Every BODY is capable of doing yoga and there’s a class for all. 

Unapologetic Self Promotion ALERT: Pints and Poses at Theoretically Brewing  

I have the pleasure of being able to provide some zen-ification to those who also enjoy local wobbly pops. Join me each month for some bevies and bending 😀


HeartSpace will be opening up in the heart of our city; downtown Lethbridge in the next few months. If you head on over to their website you can even purchase some pre-season spaces  on their website. This will be also be home to Lethbridge’s FIRST cold pressed juice bar, operated by Solstice Juice Company!


Lethbridge has the tried and true studio’s who have been providing YQL the opportunity to download all of the ASANA information for all Lethbian yogis.

Community Yoga

Pop Up Yoga is all about the urbanization of the traditional yoga class. You got the space, whether it’s a boutique, art gallery or coffee spot, this crew will brings the zen to where YQL meets. Each Sunday you can get right blissed out at CASA or over at the Galt Gardens park right smack in the heart of our city, of course weather permitting 😉 These classes are offered on a donation basis and you can check out their listings of events on their Facebook page.

Whether you’re a kula (community) focused yogi, an at home Youtube yoga warrior, or just move-to-the-grove kinda yogini, the benefits for mind, body and spirit are something we all can really get down with, so I want to take this time to share with you the opportunities you can partake in YQL

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