Q&A with Eric Dyck

Over the years, I’ve seen the artwork of illustrator Eric Dyck spread itself around Lethbridge more fierce than the 2017 coulee fire. His style of art and humour is well-known in Lethbridge, and I wanted to introduce Eric to those who haven’t yet heard of Slaughterhouse Slough. Let’s get to know Eric.

In a few sentences, tell us about yourself.

Eric Dyck

My name is Eric Dyck, and I am a cartoonist living and working here in Lethbridge. I write and draw the non-fiction comic strip, Slaughterhouse Slough, featuring stories about Lethbridge and some of the people I meet. I’ve been a freelance illustrator for about 18 years. I also teach comic workshops and cartooning classes at Casa, Lethbridge’s community art centre.

What inspired you to become a cartoonist?

I’ve drawn cartoons for as long as I can remember. As a child, I read Peanuts comics, Far Side, and Calvin & Hobbes comics constantly. I built up my drawing skills at art school in Red Deer and Calgary.

What brought you to Lethbridge, and what’s keeping you here?

We came to Lethbridge for my wife’s career; Teri is an instructor in the NESA program at the Lethbridge College.

What’s the deal with kohlrabi?

I’ve long been fascinated by the role food plays in our family stories, sense of identity, and political or ethnic backgrounds. I first saw kohlrabi at a farmer’s market stall here in Lethbridge, and have been smitten with that weird little alien vegetable ever since. Just mentioning the vegetable will get Southern Albertans talking about home, history, feelings of nostalgia, farming, settlement, and immigration. It can be a very powerful catalyst for conversation here.

Where can I buy your stuff, and can fans meet you in-person?

Slaughterhouse Slough collections can be purchased at Kapow, Street Legal Records, and the Galt Museum. You can find the Slaughterhouse Slough colouring book at Cuppers, and my kohlrabi tee shirts are at Drunken Sailor! You’ll see me at the Downtown Farmer’s Markets starting in July, drawing live on 6th Street South!

Can you please draw me?

It would be my pleasure! Business or personal cartoon portraiture can be booked by contacting me at eric@ericdyck.com.

Final thoughts? Anything goes.

Lethbian Love was one of my first sources of information about life in Lethbridge when I was researching our move to the city. I’m honoured to be a part of it’s relaunch!

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