Lethbian Love’s guide to surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, part 1

While we’re not doctors, we have the internet.

That makes us qualified enough to write a series about what you can do to during this pandemic to stay healthy, well fed and sane. Let’s start with the most obvious first:

😷 Practice good hygiene and social distancing

If you’re paying attention to the news, you’ll know that viruses are spread through exposure. That includes touching surfaces that someone might have coughed on and then licking your fingers, touching your eyes/nose/mouth, and inhaling someone’s sneeze.

Don’t let this be you:

Wash your goddamn hands

How many times have you been to a restroom where someone didn’t wash their hands on a good day? That shit is disgusting. If this is you, shame.

If somehow you’ve gone through life without learning to wash your hands, here’s how:

👏Soap 👏warm water 👏friction 👏for at least 20-seconds 👏

Don’t hug me; I’m scared

I don’t care if you feel healthy, haven’t gone anywhere or done anything. Keep at least two meters away from me when in public. Better yet, let’s both stay home.

If you aren’t a frontline worker, your only reason for leaving the house should be to get groceries and supplies, and maybe walking your dogs.

Isolate yo’ self

You could get arrested. No, seriously. What this means is staying at home alone or with family that you’re around regularly. It does not mean socializing in small groups, like quilting parties with your next-door neighbour.

If you don’t need to be in each others’ proximity, stay the hell away from each other. That’s what FaceTime, Skype, Discord, etc. are for. More on that in another post.

Don’t get the elderly, immunocompromised or others susceptible people sick because you’re are asymptomatic and cocky.

All them curves and me with no brakes

Alright, so the whole point to this is called “flattening the curve”, basically meaning slowing the rate of infection so our health care system doesn’t get overwhelmed. Here’s what that looks like:

If you like visualizations, the Washington Post has some great animations and further details on what this really means.

But what if you’re already sick?

If you are sick, it might just be the cold and flu. The same rules above apply, though know the symptoms (just in case):

Where to get help

If you are symptomatic, don’t rush to your doctor’s office or emergency. Call 811 first. Remember, you don’t want to spread COVID-19 if you might have it.

Are you worried you might actually have COVID-19? Take Alberta Health Service’s self-assessment tool here: https://www.albertahealthservices.ca/topics/Page16944.aspx

Need to speak with a medical professional? Speak with a Registered Nurse by calling 811 (1-866-408-5465).

Where to get more information

And for a better article than this blog post, check out CBC’s Your guide to COVID-19 and its impact on life in Canada

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