Beer? One needn’t ask twice

Craft Beer Festival

It's known to most who read the newspaper (I mean, who doesn't) that the Galt Museum occasionally holds scotch or beer tasting events. However this time, it's the SAAG who's putting on a Craft Beer Festival on October 19th, the same day as the Japan Film Festival. Oh, the hard choices in life…

Like fine artisinal beer?  Like pizza piled with delicious toppings?  Like supporting SAAG?  If you answered yes to any or all of the above then don't wait to get your tickets for our second annual Craft Beer Festival.  Last year's inaugural event was a sold-out success and tickets for this year won't last long!  Sample a variety of craft beers from distributors such as Wild Rose, 49th Parallel Group, True Craft Importers, Steamwhistle and many more.  With over 40 beers to taste and delicious pizza by the slice, courtesy of Two Guys & A Pizza Place, we promise your taste buds won't be disappointed.  Cheers!

Bicycle recreation for the season

Our city has its fair share of trails and pathways, what with the coulees and river bottom. My friend Cody at ISO Foto Studios put together a montage of what it's like to bike around down there in the fall season:



Has anyone spotted this car? I found this pic randomly on the net (some would call it The Facebook)…wonder if it's from around here.


Quickie: Facebook moved my cheese

I hate to be that guy that goes, "ERMAHGERD Facebook changed [insert trivial thing here]" but this time it's actually kind of relevant.

If you're hoping to see Lethbian Love (consistently) on your main news feed, do the following:

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Folk Thief to play Owl Acoustic Lounge

Laura writes:

Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Dave Hadgkiss goes by the stage name Folk Thief. His newest album, Love, Heartache and Oblivion was released in March 2011 and quickly rose to the top 10 on the college radio charts, and the critics are loving it!

As part of a tour across Canada from Vancouver to St. John’s and back, Folk Thief and My Boy Rascal will be playing at the Owl Acoustic Lounge at 9pm on Saturday Oct. 15th.

And here’s what he sounds like:

The Devil Behind Me by Folk Thief

More available on Soundcloud.

The Lethbridge Veg

“I am not a vegetarian because I love animals; I am a vegetarian because I hate plants.” – A. Whitney Brown

So I just noticed that my friend Ashley has a blog all about being a vegetarian in Lethbridge. She offers a lot of insights and some curious and delicious-looking recipes. Check it out!

The Lethbridge Veg