Plan Your City: Lethbridge 2050

planyourcityI’ll be brief on this one, since it’s pretty self-explanatory. A number of “visioning workshops” will be held this week to help plan the direction of Lethbridge into the year 2050, where hoverboards will hopefully exist.

The City of Lethbridge is inviting the community to share their ideas on how Lethbridge should be developed into the year 2050.

Input from the community will be an important element in the development of the City’s official Municipal Development Plan (MDP) which will guide decision-making about how the community will develop over the next 40 years.

An important element of the MDP is an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) that balances cultural, social, economic, and environmental elements to ensure that Lethbridge continues to be a great place to live for future generations.

Wait, 40 years?! Should we be worried? I certainly hope a lot of youth take part in this process (more on this later to come )!

Plan Your City