10/10/10 – Global work party

Ben Winkler from Avaaz.org writes:

This Sunday, at more than 6300 events in 187 countries, citizens around the world will shatter a dangerous myth: that the global climate movement has somehow disappeared. We’ll show world leaders and the media that we’re bigger, more diverse, and more creative than ever — and that we simply won’t give up until our planet, and those who live on it, are safe.

For Lethbridge’s part in the global work party, the focus will be on the Campus Roots Cooperative Garden:

Plans are in the works to expand the Campus Roots Cooperative Garden at the University of Lethbridge into a Westside Community Garden that will be open to all members of the community. The University has granted us a huge section of land, and we’re in the midst of negotiations with the the City of Lethbridge to begin the expansion, possibly next spring! We need the support of Lethbridge residents and the soon to be elected city council (election is on October 18th!) in order for this garden to be a success and to set Lethbridge on a path towards food sustainability.

For 10/10/10, we will be completing our new composting system. We’re inviting you to come help us put the finishing touches on our project, and to bring any bags of leaves from your yard, kitchen scraps from your thanksgiving dinner or other compostable items to add to our new compost bin!

For more information, head over to: 10/10/10 Campus Roots Compost Construction

The power is yours – April 22 is Earth Day

earthdayTying into Pitch-In Week, tomorrow is Earth Day Canada. Celebrated annually on April 22, it’s “a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.” Personally, I’ll be watching old episodes of Captain Planet the entire day. And not just because I have a crush on Linka, but because I care about the environment. And cartoon babes in general.

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Pitch-In is bitchin’

Operation Clean SweepIt’s “Pitch-In Canada Week,” where volunteers across the city pick up your garbage, you filthy jerk. The whole point of the week, a.k.a Operation Clean Sweep, is to encourage citizens to be responsible with their trash; to throw it in receptacles or recycle it to keep our environment clean.

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