FNMI Awareness Days at Lethbridge College

FNMI Awareness Days are a chance to celebrate the pride, history and knowledge that are at the heart of Canada’s FNMI communities. The celebration begins today at 9 a.m. with the raising of the college tipi. This event will be followed by opening ceremonies at 11:30 a.m. in Centre Core and a feast of traditional …

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Brocket 99 just won’t die

Brocketologist Kang Chul-su has informed me of a new blog he started, devoted entirely to Brocket 99. If you’ve followed my earlier post, the self-proclaimed expert commented frequently alongside Ernie Scar. The debate got a little heated and inspired Chul-su to start up the blog. There are some interesting stories to be found, such as …

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Brocket 99: still unfortunately notorious

BrocketWhile certainly not the pride of Lethbridge (quite the opposite), Brocket 99 is one of those enigmas that started as an inside joke and ended up being an underground phenomenon. If you’re from Southern Alberta, or have spent any good amount of time here, you’ve probably heard of a phony native radio station called Brocket 99.

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