Leeroy loves you too

Happy Valentine's Day, Lethbian Lovers. Enjoy the free download.

Highway 3 Roots Revue returns at The Slice

My brudda Leeroy Stagger returns with Dave McCann and John Wort Hannam for their fifth annual Highway 3 tour, December 9th at The Slice:

Three Alberta songwriters come together each winter to tour as Highway 3. They leave their bands at home and tour their songs in the stripped down, bare bones style in which they were written. This is a chance to catch these artists in an intimate setting where they present their music in the spirit in which it was written, guitar, and voice. 
Check out their Facebook event page.


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Exclusive! Free Leeroy Stagger concert tracks for download

I’ve previously written about my friend Leeroy Stagger, who had recently been touring Germany to promote his album, "Everything is Real."

An insider source, DL, posted an iTunes-ready live recording of Leeroy Stagger & The Wildflowers, from when they played at Laboratorium in Stuttgart on October 23, 2009.

You can get the free tracks here (they’re amazing quality). And if you like what you hear, I suggest you support independent music and buy one Leeroy Stagger’s albums!

Also, his wife is a great hairstylist and she’s cutting my hair today. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Leeroy Stagger interview + win free tickets!

Leeroy StaggerDespite his looks, Leeroy Stagger is a popular Canadian musician and also my friend. He has a new album out, Everything is Real, and will be putting on a show at The Slice this Saturday! He’ll be joined by Lethbridge favorites The Perpetrators and Kevin Kane.

I took 90 seconds to interview Leeroy, in case you’ve not familiar with him or his work.

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