Lethbian Love’s guide to tobogganing

When our Chinook isn’t breathing her gentle 130 km/h winds in Southern Alberta, Old Man Winter takes over and loads upon us ice and snow. But who doesn’t like a good dump once in awhile? Now, let’s toboggan!

Step 1: Gear up on the cheap

First things first, if you're like me and can't afford snow pants, use these common household items: garbage bags and duct tape!

Garbage bag snow pants

Image source: Liana Maeby / Urlesque

If you want, use Glad "Big Orange" garbage bags for additional flair. Optional: keep your feet dry by tying shopping bags over your shoes.

Step 2: Select your ride

Live frugal, live dangerously. Now that you've equipped your garbage bags, we turn our eyes to our toboggan, or lack thereof. For about five bucks, you can get a "Crazy Carpet" from our local Peavey Mart or Canadian Tire stores. They're fast and portable. That kid with the wood sleigh? You'll be up and down the hill 5 times before he drags his slow, safe monster back up.

Crazy Carpet

Image source: Pelican International

Step 2A (advanced):

Veterans of the hill know the legendary GT Snow Racer. If you've got adult money, Stiga makes some of the best on the market.


Step 3: Location, location, location!

In my mind, there's no better location than The Sugar Bowl. If you're bold enough, you can also risk going through the underpass and challenging the coulees. I've done this a few times, and have the facial scars to prove it.

The Sugar Bowl

Image source: The City of Lethbridge

Step 4: Wicked jumps

No tobogganing expedition is complete without getting some major air. Pile up that snow at the bottom of the hill and finish your ride with the sweetest jump ever. Bonus points if you actually land on your crazy carpet!

Image source: Pascal Lauener / Reuters

Now that you've carefully studied my guide, venture out and have fun!