Alien apocalypse

Better you than me, Jonny
Let’s face it. A zombie attack hitting Lethbridge is a bit more feasible than a bushel of Pirates ransacking our city in the dead of night from the OldMan River. As somebody who is overly paranoid and sure that man-kind’s demise hangs overhead like a rusted out guillotine, I have made many extravagant plans in order to get out of the city quickly and effectively. Many of my plans follow the same guidelines. In fact, my Marshal Law scenario is exactly the same as my Alien Contact scenario. I write this post satirically of course, but the fact of the matter is, that you should always have some sort of plan to follow in case of ANY Emergency. Here is a good site to refer to for the very basics of protecting yourself and your loved ones:

So here’s the scenario, a horrible pandemic has hit every corner of the Earth in only a few short weeks thanks to modern travel and the diseases incubation period. With symptoms rivaling that of Ebola, death comes like a thief screaming in the night. Unless properly burned, the once dead bodies possess the uncanny ability to reanimate in a matter of hours. With so many people dropping dead, fires can’t be started fast enough. Soon Mayor Magrath Drive is full of the walking undead, and they smell your beautiful brain.

Let’s plan this together. What do you do? What tips can you share for the Lethbian masses? I want to see some deep, insightful comments people!