Celebrating a decade of Lethbian Love

In 2009, I was feeling a bit bummed. Maybe things were a little too mundane, and old man winter was wearing on me. That’s when I decided to start a blog that would end up meaning more to me than I’d have ever expected.

Deathbridge Derby Dames doing dynamite despite drawbacks

I know a few dames here and there, and some of them even skate. My buddies Belt-Her-Face and Cherri Blaster were on the airwaves tonight, after winning their latest game: EDIT: Looks like Global already took down the video. Boo. Looks like the team roster is shaking up, but they're always looking for more fresh meat (yes, …

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Does Snow Removal Bylaw 4865 apply to the city itself?

Here's the view of a City of Lethbridge walkway, along my way to work. This is along Scenic Drive. Shouldn't the city crews have cleared this already? As per Bylaw 4865: To ensure everyone is safe during icy and snowy winter conditions, the City of Lethbridge asks home owners to clear any snow, ice or …

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Our drivers are bad and here’s the proof

Study this man. His name is Sly Grosjean and is a nominee for Canada’s Worst Driver. Brother-in-law, Fred is concerned that Sly is addicted to his technological driving devices. Sly is a deliveryman and has difficulty with directions. He relies heavily on the GPS on his phone to navigate his way around the city. Because …

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Spring scenes in Lethbridge

Nothing to see here, move along… Jonathan RuzekI’m a webslinger located in Lethbridge, AB. I love all things nerdy, like cartoons and videogames, and am also a bit of a foodie. When I travel, I always keep my eyes out for hot springs and great places to adventure with my wife, Melissa.

Live dangerous, live in Lethbridge

This place isn’t called Deathbridge for no reason. I remember this one time where I was walking down a street and some guy just started shouting at me, “Hey, hey kid!” and I was so scared. Then I shanked him. Maclean’s Magazine released their Canada’s most dangerous cities list last week, grading cities on homicide, …

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Derby derby derp

To be honest, the Deathbridge Derby Dames kinda scare (and titillate) me. That's because the closest thing to derby I ever got to was running into a tree, wearing my Fisher Price skates. Watch this:

"Cherri Blaster" was kind enough to send me a copy of their press release. Hit the jump to learn more.

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Memoirs of a Lethbian cabbie

If you’ve ever wondered what a Lethbridge cab driver gets to see, hear and smell in this spotless city of ours, check out Taxiguy’s blog. He’s got all sorts of stories and videos, ranging from hookers to pregnant teenaged moms. A very interesting side of Lethbridge most of us know nothing about! Lethbridge Taxi Driver …

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The bane of democracy?

I'm not very much into politics, but there are a few things that get me fired up: assaults on education and health care, the environment and copyright reform; all things that Conservatives are slowly, but surely destroying. This is without any consultation or regard to Canadians thoughts and opinions, but rather to benefit large corporations and industry.

I'd like to focus on copyright today, something many of us are not familiar with. After reading the Boing Boing article, "Canadian Prime Minister promises to enact a Canadian DMCA in six weeks," It became clear that our Conservative minority government didn't learn any lessons from the mass outcry against bill C-61 two years ago.

The Tories have shown — yet again — their utter contempt for public opinion and Canadian culture and small business…

I find it upsetting that the Conservatives are pushing this bill so quickly to undermine Canadian citizens, yet again. And you wonder why there's a Pirate Party.

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