Does Snow Removal Bylaw 4865 apply to the city itself?

Here's the view of a City of Lethbridge walkway, along my way to work. This is along Scenic Drive. Shouldn't the city crews have cleared this already?

Scenic Drive Walkway

As per Bylaw 4865:

To ensure everyone is safe during icy and snowy winter conditions, the City of Lethbridge asks home owners to clear any snow, ice or other debris which has been deposited on the sidewalk next to their property within 24 hours.

I cleared mine yesterday morning, where are you City of Lethbridge?

Something smells spoiled on the southside

Last evening, I was shopping for veggies for a sweet & sour dish I was making for dinner. What I found was indeed sour…spoiled even. Disgusting. And this isn't the first time I've seen something like this at this particular store, which I won't name…but it does start with a "S" and end with a "S", and is also on the "S" part of town.

What we see here are leeks, kale and squishy radishes:


Our drivers are bad and here’s the proof

Sly Grosjean

Study this man. His name is Sly Grosjean and is a nominee for Canada’s Worst Driver.

Brother-in-law, Fred is concerned that Sly is addicted to his technological driving devices. Sly is a deliveryman and has difficulty with directions. He relies heavily on the GPS on his phone to navigate his way around the city. Because Sly is dependant on driving with new technology, he’s also quick to make sure that nothing is his fault.

I’m rooting for you, Sly. Win this show and justify my road rage!

Live dangerous, live in Lethbridge

This place isn’t called Deathbridge for no reason. I remember this one time where I was walking down a street and some guy just started shouting at me, “Hey, hey kid!” and I was so scared. Then I shanked him.

Maclean’s Magazine released their Canada’s most dangerous cities list last week, grading cities on homicide, sexual assault, and other crimes. Lethbridge made the top 20 list as the 19th most dangerous city.

Lethbridge ranked 49th for homicides, 14th for sexual assault, 46th for auto theft, 29th for robbery, and 45th for B&E.

via Lethbridge News


Jaime Vedres has a few photographs chronicling the teardown of the downtown IGA supermarket.

I used to shop here with my family as a youth.

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