Hello Lethbridge!

Welcome to Lethbian Love, a blog that covers the events, lifestyle and culture of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada. And whatever else I find interesting.

I started this blog because, for all intents and purposes, I have lived in Lethbridge my entire life. While this place isn’t anything special, and sometimes it’s downright boring (gaining it the reputation of Deathbridge), I want to discover and share things from my hometown, to see if it’s truly lovable.

Why Lethbian?
Well, it’s a term that applies to people native to or residing in Lethbridge.

And where the hell is this “Lethbridge?”
Good thing you asked:

So, fellow Lethbians, I invite you to join this community! If you have any ideas or things to share (good or bad), comment or email us.

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