Sunday shots

So what if it’s Tuesday! A man’s gotta sleep through a day or two once in a while.

On Sunday, Jenn and I went for a walk downtown. The weather was beautiful and she insisted I bring my camera.

Our first stop was The Penny Coffee House, which led us to the subterranean tunnels that connected a few of the shops in the area. We didn’t encounter the rumoured ghost, but saw a really scary furnace that was once used to cremate coal miners. Their black lungs made for good fuel during the long winters.

Next were the alleys, which had a certain charming character with the melting snow and puddles.

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6 thoughts on “Sunday shots”

  1. The tunnels are located below The Penny Coffee House, Ultraviolet Eyewear, Great Garb, etc. The buildings themselves are quite old and there’s rumoured to be a ghost there!


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