Show us your Lethbridge!

I’ve been too busy playing with Lego lately, trying to make a Rube Goldberg machine that will shave my face and brush my teeth while I sleep. I still got a few kinks to sort out, but at least for now I have the smoothest legs and shiniest toenails ever.

Since I haven’t taken a photo of anything interesting in Lethbridge for a while, I’m calling upon my fellow Lethbians! Do you have an interesting photo of a place or person you’d like to show off?  Email me!

Ashley at GCBC Lounge (Henotic)

In the meantime, check out the Lethbridge pool on Flickr.

Saturday shots

If there’s one thing I enjoy, it’s stalking people watching. So when some friends invited me to the Home & Garden Trade Show, I jumped at the opportunity (with secret hopes that I would run into a certain someone). Instead, I just saw this guy. He looked very relaxed, so I blamed a fart on him and went on my way, taking photos of other random folks.

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Saturday shots

Wait, Saturday…and it’s only now Tuesday?! Yes, I’m getting pretty bad, aren’t I? Well a man gets busy trying to track down his money.

Saturday was a beautiful day to break some knees, and my friend Dione was all up for it. We went to the industrial park and shot a few things before drinking a few beers in her backyard, listening to the Chickadees sing. Then Sunday came with its wintery death. Good thing I stayed in that day.

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Sunday shots

Sunday was my grandfather’s birthday, so besides taking some family photos, I took a few shots around their garden. Then I met up  with my friend and former co-worker, Dione. She was fired on sexual harassment charges, but I personally liked having the attention. She has this Nikon and was itching to take some photos with me. So we took to the hills in her Jeep!

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