Some say party, we say “RD!”

Every city has a scene – some are bigger, some are badder but all a reflection of what that city/town/rural meet up is. Lethbridge, typically thought of as a conservative town, has an incredible “scene.” From Endangered Ape to The Turncoats; The Darby and Joan Club to the Chief Mountain and the White Guy; we have got it all. There is an interesting dynamic here in Lethbridge. We have a ton of musical artists, many who play in several bands, some who play in almost all. A changing face almost every month, projects and sub-projects appear and disappear. There are a few people who really drive it, you can usually tell who these people are in any city. Certain distinguishing marks set these go getter’s out.

With over 83,960 people, two main venues, a few alternative/found venue spaces and a handful of dedicated promoters, there is a pretty incredible amount of music that comes through here. An incredible amount and maybe 60% gets noticed. I have seen two separate Julie Doiron shows with less than 10 people in the bar. Joel Plaskett Emergency, Tokyo Police Club, Cuff the Duke, The Dudes, Sharp Ends, The Wicked Awesomes, Chad Vangaalen, B.A. Johnston, and Beija Flor have all come through our town in relatively small venues with low ticket pricing. For a small center Lethbridge is a pretty killin’ scene.

Being so small there isn’t always the best effort made to communicate, sometimes it is just assumed people will show up. So, we nerdy folk take it upon ourselves to ensure we stay informed and remain in the know. Being a small place with limited options it is fairly easy to keep up to tabs on the haps here.

Keep on eye out on The Slice’s webpage and listen to CKXU every once in a while. If the college talk radio doesn’t jive with you, check out CKXU programmer blogs, they are usually filled with up coming show happenings. These guys tend to be in the know so the information listed is pretty reliable. Start with the obvious ones and they will link you along to others in short time. Also, Blueprint is a great source for upcoming show information as they sell most tickets for most things and are just rad folk. There are a ton of Facebook groups for Lethbridge music stuff and Mammoth Cave records does a lot with the Lethbridge scene and was created and is run by Paul Lawton, bassist for Endangered Ape. Basically Lethbridge’s incestuous nature is a good thing for those wanting to get in the know. Meet one person, listen to one radio show, go to one show and your guaranteed to find out about what’s happening next and there is always something happening next.

Lethbridge does a pretty sweet job of keeping it real and searching out the new and exciting. Where it be an album release, film screening or exhibition opening the culture here is vibrant and the people are are pretty amazing.

Speaking of shows…Check out the GCBC show tomorrow night, Friday March 20th. Axis of Conversation, The Darby and Joan Club, saVK and Paul Van Campen all for $5.0o. 9pm.

Also, come to the ULFC’s screening of The Room, a movie you will need to see at least twice. 7pm PE275 at the UofL. Admission is free and all are welcome.

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