The Lethbridge Connection

There’s something unique about this city, and it’s not just the aroma of 2nd Avenue North. You may not immediately notice it, but it seems that everyone here knows one another. At least, in some manner.

Lethbridge is by no means a small city, just trailing Red Deer as the fourth largest city in Alberta with 83,960 citizens (I counted). Despite its size, it has the “neighbourly atmosphere of a small town.”

This small-town effect on a city of this size causes an unusual paradox – something often referred to as the “Lethbridge Connection.” More than just “six degrees of separation,” it’s an occurrence that affects the way citizens interact with one another. For a singular person like myself to be able to know exactly 83,960 people, it would take a magic cologne – one that I only use on special occasions because of limited supply.

Where else can I randomly meet a girl online, hit on her and fail miserably, only to discover she works next door to my mother and is also my co-worker’s roommate, who I also hit on and failed miserably? Or be on vacation, having lunch at Fort Steele (a tiny trading post in B.C.), and run into a Lethbridge acquaintance having lunch in the same shop at the same time, only to use that opportunity to hit on her and fail miserably?

It’s an effect that can have both good and bad consequences. In one aspect, it makes networking a breeze. As a freelance web designer, every client I ever had resulted from “word of mouth.” Never have I advertised my services.

Then again, the “Lethbridge Connection” can have an adverse effect on one’s reputation. Personally, I’m seen as a bad boy because I have my ears pierced and wear jeans. Although I may seem like a tough guy, I have a heart of gold and love kittens.

Anonymity in Lethbridge comes by obscurity, but don’t think someone hasn’t taken notice. And it’s not just that I’m in the bushes outside of your house. I swear I only dropped my keys. But for whatever reason everyone here is connected and word is bound to get back.

Personally, I’ve never been able to explain it all that well and it happens to me quite often. So how about you? Do you have any good stories of when you experienced the “Lethbridge Connection”?

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