Endangered Ape EP release party tonight

Endangered ApeOne of our favourite Lethbridge bands, Endangered Ape, are releasing their second EP “Ape Shall Not Kill Ape” tonight at Henotic. Adam writes:

My beloveds,

It has been many moons since Endangered Ape first started playing tunes here in Lethbridge to the fine members of the community and you have consistently blessed us with coming out, losing your shit, rocking out, and overall, being incredibly good-looking. Every night has been a frickin’ party, and it’s awesome that you fine people have checked us out.

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Just great, garage sale season is upon us

As soon as the sun starts shining, people get out all the crap they’ve been hoarding over the winter and have a garage sale. Lethbridge bands Endangered Ape and Amelia Earhart are no exception, but their crap should hold the same reputation as their music. Wow, that did not come out as I intended.

We will have lots of cool stuff – lots of records, books, oddities and other things you might expect someone from Endangered Ape to have.

Also, if you have anything you would like to donate to sell at this garage sale, we would gladly take it!!

To help out, I have a giant bag of dryer lint I’m hoping to sell there. All the money raised goes toward their cross-Canadian tour, for which they’ll need at least $2000 for gas alone!

If you’ve got some time this afternoon between 2 – 8PM or Saturday between 9 – 3PM, venture down to the alley between St. Martha’s Church on Columbia Blvd. and Lafayette Blvd. W. (229 Lafayette Blvd. W.). Don’t make eye contact with the hobos.

Endangered Ape / Amelia Earhart Garage Sale

Some say party, we say “RD!”

Every city has a scene – some are bigger, some are badder but all a reflection of what that city/town/rural meet up is. Lethbridge, typically thought of as a conservative town, has an incredible “scene.” From Endangered Ape to The Turncoats; The Darby and Joan Club to the Chief Mountain and the White Guy; we have got it all. There is an interesting dynamic here in Lethbridge. We have a ton of musical artists, many who play in several bands, some who play in almost all. A changing face almost every month, projects and sub-projects appear and disappear. There are a few people who really drive it, you can usually tell who these people are in any city. Certain distinguishing marks set these go getter’s out.

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