Lethbridge’s Straight Dope

If you’re looking to score some LSD, Layne Whipple is not your man. However, he passed along a rare treasure from days long past – one that smelled more like old books than anything else.

This little capsule was put on the streets by the Travel and Convention Association of Southern Alberta, showing that people weren’t always so tight-assed (but I guess it was the 70s, after all). Hit the jump to see its contents!


…Here’s some “capsule comments” in the form of a ditty,
On why you should visit our beautiful city-

A “conventional” spot for meeting fun,
Come and Whoop it up in ‘seventy-one!

We have 40,000 population,
A million acres of irrigation.

Our skies are bluer and our grass is greener,
Chinook winds blow so our air is cleaner.

In the wilder days of yesteryear,
The Whoop-Up trail had its terminus here.

Now we have Canada’s newest University,
And for our crops you can’t match our diversity.

We have corn and peas and the sugar beet,
So we don’t have to rely on wheat.

One the scene of the last Indian battle,
Now the centre of a land of cattle.

Steamboats used to ply our river,
So the coal mined here could be delivered.

At the edge of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains,
A city of gardens, parks and fountains.

Gateway to Waterton and all points west,
Fort Macleod, Lundbreck Falls and the Crowsnest.

We have Canada’s largest Research Station,
And the most sunshine in the nation.

Rainbow trout in the middle of town,
And a Japanese Garden the world renown.

* * *

Lethbridge hospitality awaits everyone-

Thanks, Layne!

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