Plan Your City “Ideas Book” available

Back in May, I wrote a post called “City squares want your circles,” which was about the Lethbridge ‘s “Plan Your City” initiative. Although I only participated in the “visioning workshops” (for the donuts and coffee), a number of Lethbians formed think tanks/circles and submitted their ideas to the city, which is now published online.

As part of the Plan Your City Municipal Development Plan / Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (MDP/ICSP),  an estimated five hundred Lethbridge residents participated in City Circles, providing their insight into what it will take to make Lethbridge an even better place to live into the year 2050.  In all, there were 48 City Circles who made a total of 55 submissions. This Ideas Book is a collection of those submissions.

But nothing I haven’t thought of already.

Ideas Book 2009 (PDF link)

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