Daily Photo Dose

Lethbridge is full of great photographers (myself not included) and Jaime Vedres is definitely one of my favourites. Recently, he started a blog called “Daily Photo Dose” that chronicles the photos he takes day-to-day, along the way. I caught up with him to learn more about his project, as well as to share some of the amazing photos. Interview and a few photos after the jump!

Introduce Yourself.
Hi, I’m Jaime and I like to take photos.
I am primarily a commercial photographer. I shoot music, portraits, weddings, commercial, fashion and advertising for a living. I’ve worked in Toronto, Vancouver, Kelowna, Hawaii, Vegas… but Lethbridge has always been home.

Tell us about Daily Photo Dose.
Daily Photo Dose was influenced by a daily blog I followed when I was living in Toronto called “Top Left Pixel.” The blog is a simple view of my day to day visual experience; I post one photo a day. Inspired by this blog, I wanted to get back to my roots, photographing landscapes and streetscapes in my home town, and share my personal perspective of Lethbridge.

What inspires you?
Inspiration? I’ve done a fair bit of traveling, and out of all the places I’ve been, Lethbridge has the most beautiful sunsets! That in itself is enough inspiration to get someone to take their camera out and go shoot. I’m also born and raised here, so most days/nights I visualize part of the city, and how I could frame it in a unique way. Out of the images I’ve produced so far, the best photos seem to come when I head out to shoot in bad weather, or during the really early hours of the day.

Where can we see more of your work?
More of my commercial work can be seen on JaimeVedres.Com/Blog and prints are available on request. Thanks!

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