No trespassing!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to practice some of my (amateur) photo skillz. My stylish friends Jessica and Brett hopped the fence with me to get these shots in front of the High Level Bridge. I though I’d share them with all my internet stalker friends.

See the rest on Flickr.


Jaime Vedres has a few photographs chronicling the teardown of the downtown IGA supermarket.

I used to shop here with my family as a youth.

Daily Photo Dose

A model idiot

David Guenther, a fellow Lethbian and one half of Rowan Jane Photography, asked me last week to model for him. At first I was like, “LOL! Me…a model? For realz?” but David confessed that he’s a fan of the blog and thought that I would be a nice addition to their “Lethbridge” portfolio.

So who am I to turn down one of my fans? I needed new photos for my Plenty of Fish profile anyways. Check out all of the dashing photos of me on their blog. Great work, thanks David!

Daily Photo Dose

Lethbridge is full of great photographers (myself not included) and Jaime Vedres is definitely one of my favourites. Recently, he started a blog called “Daily Photo Dose” that chronicles the photos he takes day-to-day, along the way. I caught up with him to learn more about his project, as well as to share some of the amazing photos. Interview and a few photos after the jump!

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