I got a limo that’s 40 feet long

…or “I’m takin’ it easy, takin’ the bus”

Photo by Kim Siever (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Lethbridge_Transit.jpg)

But not really. This is a rant about my experience of taking L.A. Transit or whatever it’s now called – let’s say the bus – about a month ago. I felt like being green (more than just in the face) and adventurous; and because it was the middle of the summer, I wouldn’t have to freeze my derriere off waiting for one!

There were some issues I had before even stepping onto a bus, like how the stops don’t have schedules posted on them. Although the Ride Guide is available online as a PDF, and in print in some undisclosed locations, it is confusing! @chuchiface would agree 🙂

Now I’ve been told by Kim Siever, who has been taking the bus for about 12 years, that the city is developing an app or Google mashup that will give iPhone/Android/mobile users the ability to plan their routes much easier, I have no idea how far that is off. A little behind the times, Lethbridge.

So I had my university-aged sister explain the route I needed to take, which was actually quite simple to get to the college. Though it meant a lot of patience and just sitting. Good thing I brought a book. It took over an HOUR to get from Columbia Blvd. to the college, and I didn’t even have to switch buses! I could have been halfway to Calgary had I drove.

Route 12 basically takes the opposite the direction I needed to go and galavants around the westside before it stops at the university terminal. If only there were a complimentary route like it that went the opposite direction, it would shave off a lot of time. Or if I just rode my non-existent bike to the U of L…

I don’t understand how or why they picked their routes, but in the summer some stops only run every 30 minutes instead of the usual 15. More waiting around until I could take my return trip from the college terminal. And I totally forgot to pay the $2.25 fare on the way back. Take that!

Basically, this just re-enforced how much I like to drive. Too bad those Tesla Roadsters cost so much! There actually is a blue one that rides around town, by the way. I don’t want to take the bus again anytime soon. Sorry.

16 thoughts on “I got a limo that’s 40 feet long”

  1. Yes! The #12 bus from city center to it’s last stop before returning to Uni and back to city center only took my dd 33 mins. Not bad. Even in our confusion my dd did take the right bus from downtown to the area she lives but she said people were dinging that bell several times but the driver never stopped at the stops for them if no one was waiting at them to get ON…who cares that people wanted to get OFF! So, she had a long, sad walk home. Not the best end to your first day taking the city bus!

    It would be great if the PDF map was in a different format. Maybe you could type in your needs for a route and it could search and come up with your best choice. Or, even just put the stops on the route map…that would be a great help!

    The city bus service certainly needs something to make it a bit more user friends or, if you like, “Bussin’ for Dummies” 😉

  2. I’ve never seen a schedule posted at a stop in a larger city with better transit- i think it gets too complicated. printed maps with schedules & online schedules seem to be the norm.


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