Live dangerous, live in Lethbridge

This place isn’t called Deathbridge for no reason. I remember this one time where I was walking down a street and some guy just started shouting at me, “Hey, hey kid!” and I was so scared. Then I shanked him.

Maclean’s Magazine released their Canada’s most dangerous cities list last week, grading cities on homicide, sexual assault, and other crimes. Lethbridge made the top 20 list as the 19th most dangerous city.

Lethbridge ranked 49th for homicides, 14th for sexual assault, 46th for auto theft, 29th for robbery, and 45th for B&E.

via Lethbridge News

2 thoughts on “Live dangerous, live in Lethbridge”

  1. what’s the point of reprinting useless facts like this? where’s the content or context?
    this kind of fear mongering is why people shut themselves inside.
    it is also the reason why when a person gets sexually assaulted that they often feel at fault because they “were out too late”, “asking for it”, “not being careful”, etc.
    the fear industry makes money on this kind of thing- don’t reproduce it further.


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