Does Snow Removal Bylaw 4865 apply to the city itself?

Here's the view of a City of Lethbridge walkway, along my way to work. This is along Scenic Drive. Shouldn't the city crews have cleared this already?

Scenic Drive Walkway

As per Bylaw 4865:

To ensure everyone is safe during icy and snowy winter conditions, the City of Lethbridge asks home owners to clear any snow, ice or other debris which has been deposited on the sidewalk next to their property within 24 hours.

I cleared mine yesterday morning, where are you City of Lethbridge?

3 thoughts on “Does Snow Removal Bylaw 4865 apply to the city itself?”

  1. The city would like us to know:

    For your information as well, we won’t issue tickets to private property owners unless we have cleared our City walks first. Sometimes after big snowfalls in a short period of time, it takes longer than it might otherwise.

    They wish us well and safe driving!


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