“Embarrassing dad” is best dad

Dr. Len Ferguson – optometrist by day, electronica musician by night. You might remember him as the “embarrassing dad” at the Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival (LEMF) in August 2012. But for those who don’t, here’s something to jog your memory:

Since the video went viral, Len has been featured on sites like Huffintgton Post, Gawker and Reddit. Many of us in Lethbridge know him either as our optometrist or through church, where he plays guitar for the congregation. But despite Dr. Ferguson’s cool dance moves, he hides an even greater talent – his mad keyboard skills (except us patients who’ve seen him type) and a love for electronic music!

He even shared a few tracks with Lethbian Love:

Len told me that he’s arranging a 70 (yes, SEVENTY) track composition. Unbelievable guy, great music. Someone sign him to a label.

Dr. Len on Soundcloud

*might be slightly exaggerated

8 thoughts on ““Embarrassing dad” is best dad”

  1. “rivals Daft Punk in talent”. That has to be the stupidest thing I have read in a long while. This discredits the whole article, this website and puts a unattainable status on this gimmic producer.

    • Yeah, they do have similarities. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was doing some sampling and adding his melodies. He does play the keyboard, as well as doing stuff in whatever sequencer.

      The point of the blog post was to highlight his *hobby*. I just wanted to show Lethbridge the flip side – a guy who’s passionate about something, despite being an embarrassing dad.

      I didn’t claim in this post that he’s a professional musician by any means. He makes his living as a doctor.

      • You should probably post that it’s a “bootleg remix” then. Credit should be given appropriately to the original artist’s work.

  2. This video and gifs have started making the rounds on social media again all of a sudden. I’ve had friends from the UK, Michigan, and Texas post it within the past couple of days.

    They barely believe me that I (tangentially) know the subject (I’ve met him in passing, as a number of friends and family are his patients).


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