“Embarrassing dad” rivals Daft Punk in talent*

Dr. Len Ferguson – optometrist by day, electronica musician by night. You might remember him as the "embarrassing dad" at the Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival (LEMF) in August 2012. But for those who don't, here's something to jog your memory:


Since the video went viral, Len has been featured on sites like Huffintgton Post, Gawker and Reddit. Many of us in Lethbridge know him either as our optometrist or through church, where he plays guitar for the congregation. But despite Dr. Ferguson's cool dance moves, he hides an even greater talent – his mad keyboard skills (except us patients who've seen him type) and a love for electronic music!

He even shared a few tracks with Lethbian Love:

Len told me that he's arranging a 70 (yes, SEVENTY) track composition. Unbelievable guy, great music. Someone sign him to a label.

Dr. Len on Soundcloud

*might be slightly exaggerated

Lethbian Lover featured on Citytv for hard-hitting and in-depth anime news report, ugh


I don't normally show off my collection of half-naked cartoon centerfolds, but when I do it's on prime-time news television.

With Nishikaze 2013 coming up, I thought I'd take a look back 5-6 years ago and see how much of a blabbering idiot I still am. The newscast was a favour for my reporter "friend," Ashley, who begged and pleaded to embarass me on the Calgary Citytv station.

Here's my VHS rip. You probably should not watch.


And when I said what "my genre" is, it's not really that at all. I was watching Maburaho (the centerfold girl) at the time and, if memory serves me correct, it was a some sort of magical princess harem anime. I should just shut up now.

“East blown west,” or “Lethbridge’s anime festival returns!”

Nishikaze 2013

Nishikaze, Lethbridge's anime convention, is back for 2013 after a brief hiatus. Coming June 15:

Nishikaze is an annual convention held in Lethbridge, Alberta at the University of Lethbridge. Nishikaze is striving to become the premiere anime and Japanese pop culture in event in southwestern Alberta, bringing together anime fans to celebrate the best in Japanese culture and entertainment.

The word nishikaze means "west wind" and either refers to how much it blows here or our chinooks. The event brings together fans of Japanese animation, comics, videogames, artists, exhibitors and (most importantly) cosplayers. For those otaku into the latter (who isn't?), here's their promo video: 


If you know who there is cosplaying as "Alexander the Great," props to you!

More info can be found on their website or Facebook page.


Flashback: What’s Lethbian Love?

In my younger days, The Lethbridge Sun TImes interviewed me about this ol' blog of mine. What is "Lethbian Love"? If the sidebar isn't enough to go by, check out this article and see what I looked like when I still had hair and a smile on my face:

Flashback: What’s a Lethbian?!

Back in the golden age of radio, I was interviewed by CBC Radio One's David Gray on "The Homestretch," to finally settle who or what a "Lethbian" is. They've since taken down the post, but being crafty I saved a MP3 of the interview!

For your listening enjoyment:


Our drivers are bad and here’s the proof

Sly Grosjean

Study this man. His name is Sly Grosjean and is a nominee for Canada’s Worst Driver.

Brother-in-law, Fred is concerned that Sly is addicted to his technological driving devices. Sly is a deliveryman and has difficulty with directions. He relies heavily on the GPS on his phone to navigate his way around the city. Because Sly is dependant on driving with new technology, he’s also quick to make sure that nothing is his fault.

I’m rooting for you, Sly. Win this show and justify my road rage!

On the radio!

Yesterday, Jessica deMello from CBC Radio One’s “The Homestretch” called me for my expert opinion on the term “Lethbian.” There was some discussion about what people from Lethbridge are called, but myself and host David Gray finally settled it up.

Listen on CBC Radio One!

I got shank’d

This past Tuesday, I had the opportunity to listen to Jessi Cruickshank speak to Lethbridge College students at their new student orientation. So I took it.

Anyway, I only went because she was a MTV hostess, as well as a hot ginger. But then I discovered how cool of a person she is, and how she’s an ambassador for Free the Children. She had some interesting stories about living with families in India and Kenya, such as the time she drank blood straight from a slaughtered goat’s throat.

Basically, I am writing this post to gloat that I met her. Yes, I actually touched her. And haven’t washed my right hand since Tuesday! Oh, and take a look at Free the Children to donate!

Anime club fail

I don’t make it a secret that I love animation and, in another life, would probably have been a cartoonist.

With that said, I watch a lot of anime (and not just the tentacle stuff). However, my friends don’t share the same interest so I am relegated to watch my shows in lonely isolation.

I’ve known for quite awhile that the University of Lethbridge has a club called the “Japanese Anime & Manga Society (JAMS),” so for about the last week or so I have been trying to muster some courage and information, with plans to attend one of their meetings.

Tonight was the night, and here’s where I begin my rant…

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Yikes, I’m in the Sun Times!

Today, I was featured in the Lethbridge Sun Times. It looks like I’ll have to go back in hiding; there’s paparazzi everywhere!

(click the cover image for the full article)