My friend Michael Warf messaged me asking to me help promote an inspiring event he's hosting, which happens to be today!

ELEVEIGHT is a new "TED-esque" speaker series on the scene in Lethbridge.

Why a speaker series?

Through branding work I’ve been involved in with IDID, I’ve met countless positive influences on my life – but when I’d attempt to share stories I’d heard on the road, or observations about people living remarkable lives – I felt like there was always an element missing.

There’s something magical about hearing a story up-close, firsthand, in the speaker’s voice. The opportunity to ask questions, dig deep and maintain relationships just isn’t there with a one-way medium like print – so being “talk and tech” junkies (we love the TED series), we started asking if the same people sharing their stories of inspiration and transformation would be willing to hang out and share it with you.

They said yes.

Welcome to Eleveight | ONE – Lethbridge, Alberta

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