Last-minute Lethbridge: Christmas edition

Ah, Christmas time in Lethbridge. With children sliding down the Sugar Bowl regardless of snow, and hapless dads lost in Park Place Mall, looking for whatever gifts are leftover at that as-seen-on-TV store.

Here’s the reality: Lethbridge is a last-minute city when it comes to Christmas. We’re two days away, meaning that Amazon Prime order may or may not make it in time. Let’s assume it doesn’t.

What to do, what to do?

Fear not! Lethbian Love has you covered with a list of gift ideas that will either win your friend/family’s love forever, or let everyone down (again). We make no guarantees but here are some ideas:

#1 Holiday markets

If you haven’t been to CASA or the SAAG for their amazing maker markets yet, well shit. There’s still time, with businesses such as Kapow and Theoretically Brewing Company running mini-markets. Check this out:

Search Facebook before time runs out, seriously.

#2 Gift certificates

Somewhat unoriginal, yes, but a safe bet when you know they’ll go used regardless.

From the coffee-lover, foodie, fashionistas to the Ninja Turtle, here are some downtown favourites that are a safe-bet: Java the Hut, Plum, Drunken Sailor, Silla, and Two Guys Pizza (who doesn’t like pizza?).

#3 Goats (i.e. charities)

Take it from the Lethbian Lover, you’ll feel great when you give the gift of charity on someone else’s behalf, especially when you didn’t want to buy them a gift to begin with.

Pick your charity of choice, like World Vision (goats here) or Doctors Without Borders, and feel good about making the world a better place this holiday season. Consumerism can suck, and this makes you look really thoughtful. Bonus points if it’s a local charity or non-profit. Take your pick.

#4 Last-ditch efforts

Let’s face it, you’re reading this. You probably know you already made a huge mistake and your only options are the Gas King around the corner, or your storage closet.

Here’s what it comes down to: money. Either you buy a few $2 lotto tickets, or re-gift those camera lens shot glasses from last year, using the slightly cigarette-smelling gift bag a co-worker gave you. Both work, and it makes you slightly less of an asshole than doing nothing at all, except for the final option…

#5 Switch religions

Don’t celebrate Christmas at all.

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