Settling the debate: Lethbian, Lethbridgian or Lethbridgite?

What do we call people from Lethbridge?

There would be some who would want you to believe that a person from Lethbridge is not called a “Lethbian,” and those people are wrong.

This gets in the news from time-to-time. For example:

And some time ago Lethbridge Living magazine held an “unbiased” poll (though I can’t find the results online) on whether it’s Lethbridgian or Lethbian, which caught CBC Radio One’s attention once more:

For anyone wondering what this “patch” is that Lethbridge Living is referring to, Eric Dyck was one of the first to reveal it:

If you’re looking to get your hands on one of these, you can buy them here.

Chris Spearman

However, let’s have the utmost authority close this debate.

Our honourable Mayor Chris Spearman already settled the bet in that CBC interview.

It’s youthful, concise and rolls off the tongue: It’s Lethbian.

But what do you think?

For the sake of argument, I’m going to let ya’ll offer up your opinions too!

What do you identify yourself most?

Or does Lethbridge have an identity crisis?

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