That time I brewed beer @ [Theoretically] Brewing Co.

Micro breweries have exploded in Alberta in the past few years, and Lethbridge just so happens to be home to a couple of them.

One in particular is paying homage to women.

[Theoretically] Brewing Co. has been on the #YQL beer scene since December 19, 2015 and has participated for the past few years in the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. This day just so happens to coincide with International Women’s Day celebrated annually on March 8th.

This year, [Theoretically] Brewing Co. owner, Kelti Baird, gathered a motley crew of ladies who were chomping at the bit to be able to brew a beer designed to celebrate women, and more specifically women in the brewing industry.

As you can imagine, the beer industry has been predominantly run by those who identify as male, and this day allows for room for women to get in there and show them that women can brew just as good as men.

This year, [Theoretically] Brewing Co. tasked 2 groups of 9 women to create two styles bevies: a dark chocolate strong stout, and a chocolate-caramel cream ale.

  • The Dark Chocolate Diffractors features notes of espresso and a massive hit of chocolate flavour with a lovely dry finish.
  • The Pyrolitic Posse is a caramel cream ale which features lactose for a full body and delicious sweetness which is likened to the taste of a Caramilk bar.

I had the wonderful opportunity to be able to help out with the Pyrolitic Posse brew with a crew of diverse women who were ready to get their hands dirty in the art form of micro-brewing.

These two delicious beers will have a delayed launch date due to the extreme cold-ass temperatures #YQL has been experiencing. The original date to launch was to be on March 8th (International Women’s Day), however later in the month is when the beautiful brews should be available.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on the Theoretically Brewing Co.’s Facebook page to find out when you’ll be able to purchase this super limited edition of beer.

Happy International Women’s Day #YQL! Be sure to say thanks to those who identify as female and let them know you care ❤️

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  1. Theory Brew is my fave! I’ve been wanting to participate in their women’s brew but have been working the last few years when they do it. Hoping I will be able to participate this coming year if they do it again – it looks like a blast!


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