We got busy, and then some!

When the Lethbian Lovers aren’t blogging, and we’re usually not, we jetset to Croatia for a (second) wedding and a honeymoon, taking in a Foo Fighters concert after raising a stink, and then expecting a stink to raise! Read our latest recap to see just how many bags of leaves you can pickup downtown too!

That time I brewed beer @ [Theoretically] Brewing Co.

[Theoretically] Brewing Co. has been on the #YQL beer scene since 2015 and has participated for the past few years in the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day. This day just so happens to coincide with International Women’s Day celebrated annually on March 8th.

I had the wonderful opportunity to help out with a crew of diverse women who were ready to get their hands dirty in the art form of micro-brewing.

Nishikaze 2014

Dear fellow Otaku, It has come to my attention that Nishikaze, meaning "west wind," is once again upon us. Yes, Lethbridge's very own anime and Japanese culture con is happening on Saturday, June 28 at the University of Lethbridge. Expect nosebleeds this time, because there will be a maid café! Not to mention a cosplay competition…I'm betting on …

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Lethbridge in spotlight: Craig Ferguson on growing for Lethbridge

He's the host of CBS' The Late Late Show and he's literally coming to Lethbridge. Our little city is getting a mention, along with a few chuckles on air: Just For Laughs is thrilled to announce that Scottish comedian and festival favorite Craig Ferguson will be hitting select Canadian cities this fall with his witty and hilarious stand up performance aptly …

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Oscillations Korg Kaossiltaor & Monotron Delay

So there was this one time where I was big on Twitter and it just so happened that I won a contest. Courtesy of the National Music Centre in Calgary, I won this weird music contraption called a Korg Monotron. However my doppelganger, Bonnaventure James, also entered this contest and was insanely jealous. To the point …

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Listen to Leeroy Stagger’s new album, “Truth Be Sold,” online free

Awhile ago, when this whole "occupy" fad was still big, I posted one of Leeroy Stagger's latest songs from his new album, "Truth Be Sold." It's now available for purchase from his website, but thanks to the CBC you can listen to the WHOLE THING for free online. Sorry for the no embed, but CRTC …

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Scenic Route to Alaska to play The Slice this Saturday

Scenic Route to Alaska is an indy-folk rock band from Edmonton, and they're set to play at The Slice tomorrow evening. Sarah writes: Hello lovers! I'm writing to you today on behalf of Scenic Route to Alaska, Edmonton favourites! They will be touring through Lethbridge on Saturday, April 6th playing one of their last shows …

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“Embarrassing dad” is best dad

Dr. Len Ferguson – optometrist by day, electronica musician by night. You might remember him as the “embarrassing dad” at the Lethbridge Electronic Music Festival (LEMF) in August 2012. But for those who don’t, here’s something to jog your memory: Since the video went viral, Len has been featured on sites like Huffintgton Post, Gawker …

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Peter Katz and Emma-Lee to play The Slice

Occasionally, I get emails from band publicists to help promote Canadian artists on tour. I'd always pleased to see folks from around our country taking interest in our city and spending the time to reach out to me. Tara writes: You’d be hard-pressed to find a more talented pair than Toronto’s Peter Katz and Emma-Lee. Both …

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“East blown west,” or “Lethbridge’s anime festival returns!”

Nishikaze, Lethbridge's anime convention, is back for 2013 after a brief hiatus. Coming June 15: Nishikaze is an annual convention held in Lethbridge, Alberta at the University of Lethbridge. Nishikaze is striving to become the premiere anime and Japanese pop culture in event in southwestern Alberta, bringing together anime fans to celebrate the best in Japanese culture …

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Remix album from Sanctums free for download; worth your bandwidth

Awhile ago, I featured a track from a DJ named Evangelos. He doesn't go by the name "Sleepy Head" anymore; rather, Sanctums. He's upped on Bandcamp a name-your-price (i.e. free) album up for grabs, and a pal of mine has a remix of his own in there. Jaron writes: Really excited, Sanctums aka Evangelos X Typist & …

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Deathbridge Derby Dames doing dynamite despite drawbacks

I know a few dames here and there, and some of them even skate. My buddies Belt-Her-Face and Cherri Blaster were on the airwaves tonight, after winning their latest game: EDIT: Looks like Global already took down the video. Boo. Looks like the team roster is shaking up, but they're always looking for more fresh meat (yes, …

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