We got busy, and then some!

Where the heck we have been all this time‽

As 2019 is coming to a close and there’s just so much that has happened in our lives since last we posted way back in May. We’re sorry for not saying something sooner!

After our last post about Celebrating a (downtown) hero, Jonathan and I whisked off to Croatia to get married, again. This was a ceremony that we had been dreaming up since we first got engaged, where it would be just us in a beautiful country celebrating each other.

We travelled from Dubrovnik, the most southern part of the country all the way up to Zagreb, the capital and much further north. Asides from our magical wedding in Dubrovnik, that included a Michelin star meal at the famous Restaurant 360, some of our fondest memories of our once in a lifetime trip for me definitely had to be seeing the Foo Fighters in Pula.

It was at the world renowned Pula Arena which it is among the six largest surviving Roman arenas in the world. Apparently if you give the Foo Fighters shit on Twitter for closing down the arena on your historical tour, their PR team will offer you some free tickets. I can’t say that work every time but worked for us!

Croatia is one of those countries that doesn’t get a lot of western attention, but if you’re looking for an amazing view of the world, we highly recommend heading on over to this gorgeous piece of heaven.

When we got back at the tail end of July, it was back into the thick of things for work, getting some mountain biking and hiking in with some friends and enjoy the hot hot days of summer in Lethbridge. Our garden needed tending, our dogs needed some loving and friends and family needed the tea from the Adriatic.

Having had the opportunity to do a little recuperating, Jonathan and I managed to squeeze out some time for one another and lo and behold a little Ruzek was on the way! Turns out we didn’t bring back the ultimate souvenir from Croatia, but we are so stinking excited either way.

The morning sickness came in hot and heavy, the house started to get re-organized and pregnancy books were bought a plenty for the both of us. Fast forward to today; as the majority of the fall was consumed with, vomiting, gas, and a metric shit-tonne of leaves (see Clean Sweep Programs major haul from downtown Lethbridge’s cull of 2019. We collected 1204 brown bags!)  and now we are in our second trimester, just approaching 22 weeks.

As many mamas past, present and future know, this is about the time where you get to find out the sex of your baby. At first, Jonathan and I had decided to not share the gender with NO ONE!

Turns out I’m terrible at keeping a secret (shocker eh), and let the cat out of the bag not even 24 hours after finding out. Now to be fair, it wasn’t a blatant case of verbal diarrhoea, it was a slip of the tongue when referring to baby Ruzek. We are adamant on no gender-reveal parties, but wanted to share with our friends, family and readers on who we will be welcoming to this world in April 2020.

We will be saying “Hello, sunshine” to a sweet baby boy! Neither of us had our hearts send on either sex, as we’re that cliche couple who wanted nothing more than a healthy baby, and fingers-crossed one that likes to sleep? Too hopeful right?

With what little spare time we have left between now and when baby Ruzek enters this world in a blaze of glory, we are hoping to get some more content up and going for our blog. You can look forward to:

  • Some of our favourite date places in #YQL
  • A review of a few meals from Mocha Local’s meal kits
  • Downtown book club shenanigans, hosted by some pretty fabulous people if I do say so myself 😉
  • Where to go when you just have to throw an axe at something
  • And so much more!

Thanks for sticking around guys, and your tolerance while we sort out our newly married and knocked-up life is very much appreciated.

Talk soon!

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