Celebrating a (downtown) hero

Our very own Melissa is one half of Lethbian Love. She’s a yogi, mountain biker, my wife, and the manager for the Downtown Lethbridge BRZ Clean Sweep Program. She’s also the winner of the 2019 “Unsung Hero” award from the Celebrate Downtown event!

The Celebrate Downtown awards recognize outstanding events, individual, business and organization that have invested their time, ideas and capital into our downtown.

Although it was about a month ago, I just wanted to share with our readers this recognition. Melissa works hard with her crew to keep the downtown safe and beautiful. They’re there at the ass-crack of dawn, whether it’s -40°C or in hurricane-grade winds.

Melissa is committed to taking care of the downtown community, its streetscapes and spaces, to build a beautiful downtown, and she’s not scared to get her hands dirty to get it done, often without recognition or praise.

Though I think she does a better job describing what she does:

This sort of recognition is important in Lethbridge, and I am confident that there are many more unsung heroes out there making our community a better place. If you know of any, let them know you appreciate them!

I’m super proud of her and the work she (and her crew) does. Congrats, Melissa!

Celebrate Downtown photos by Courtney Faulkner and Jessica Beck

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