The Saigonese is BACK

A long-time favourite in Lethbridge has been the Saigonese Restaurant, which unfortunately closed roughly around the onset of the pandemic.

Originally located on the North Side (where Springs Rolls now resides), and later the old L.A. Kitchen location. Like anyone in Lethbridge, we refer to things in their old location, so with that said —

The Saigonese Express has reopened in Lethbridge, with many of the same menu items that we know and love! And it’s in the old Source Adult location at 1505 third avenue south:

old v.s. new locations

There were rumours for some time about a smaller reopening on both Facebook and Reddit, though those were few and far between, until I saw a post on Reddit. Menu uploaded to their website, Facebook page live — this was the real deal.

From a very personal standpoint, this makes me terribly happy. My mother passed away just before the original location closed up shop, and I never had a chance to order that last #17 (hot sour soup). You never know when there’s a last for anything.

She was such a fan of the Saigonese and their soup that she devised her own recipe with the help of some locals. And while many of our family recipes were lost, I too was able to recreate it with a few scribbles left behind. Look:

And while I haven’t had yet a chance to eat at the new Saigonese Express because they’re stupid busy, my friend (and owner of Catwalk Salon) Levi Cox had the lovely #49 to show off:

Needless to say, if you’re a fan of Vietnamese food, this is the place to visit. Let’s all show our support, and get some of that food before they run out of stock again! Here’s their menu:

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