Say “aloha” to this food truck

I heard rumour of a food truck traversing the streets of Lethbridge, but didn't think twice about it until I saw this tweet from from @Masson23:

Hawaiian Treats Food Truck

Keep on the lookout for Hawaiian Treat's truck, and if you eat there make sure to take some photos or tell us about it in the comments!


Hawaiian Treats: Facebook | Twitter

Little Locavore Liam loves the Lighthouse

I got a buddy named Liam who goes around Lethbridge as the The LIttle Locavore. He's only 10-years-old, but is already pursuing his passion of becoming a chef.

Liam maintains a Blogspot that journals his adventures in our local culinary sphere, such as learning to make meat pies at the Urban Grocer, understanding the tools-of-the-trade at The Sous Chef, and creating his own sushi masterpiece at the Lighthouse.

The Little Locavore will be featured in the near future on Lethbian Love, but here's an appetizer to whet your palate:


Something smells spoiled on the southside

Last evening, I was shopping for veggies for a sweet & sour dish I was making for dinner. What I found was indeed sour…spoiled even. Disgusting. And this isn't the first time I've seen something like this at this particular store, which I won't name…but it does start with a "S" and end with a "S", and is also on the "S" part of town.

What we see here are leeks, kale and squishy radishes:


Whose cuisine reigns supreme?

Remember my friend, World Culinary Olympian Iron Chef Doug? He's still winning big-time, and is featured in January's issue of Lethbridge Living:

Lethbridge Living - January 2013

Whipping Up a Win
There were only two gold medals awarded at the 2012 World Culinary Olympics. One of those medals went to Culinary Team Alberta, the youngest team our province has ever sent to the event. Local Chefs Doug Overes and Tyler Ivey are members of that gold medal-team.

Bonus: The photo work was done by my buddy Glenn at PureMojo Studios. He even shot me once upon a time, before I lost my fingers trying to cook.

Asian Supermarket’s “Food Story”

One of my favourite grocery stores in the city is the family-owned Asian Supermarket. Patricia sent a shot-out on Twitter about a unique community-oriented idea they came up with: Food Story!

What would it be like, if all the little goodies, that we create in our lovely kitchen, could be shared with others? What if the scrumptuous homemade pralines, marmelade, cupcakes, or spicemix were to be remarkably decoratively packed for a trip, a few kilometers away, so that it would create happiness for someone?!

Our thoughts: It would be amazing!

And by paying it forward, by sharing with others, we, at the Asian Supermarket World Foods and Imports, want to create and foster this happiness: The idea to share and to connect us!

Their first theme is "Chocolate Happiness," beginning in the new year. Registration for participants is open until December 16th. Check out their blog for full details!

Celebrate local growers at the Galt aka FREE FOOD this Thursday

Photo by Rod Leland

My gastronomically-talented friends, the Lethbridge Personal Chefs, are holding an awesome free event at the Galt celebrating local producers. You’ll find yours truly there stuffing his face.

Amanda writes:

Hey foodies and fans!

Well, the Most Wonderful Time of the Year is nearly upon us, and we’ve teamed up with our friends at the Galt to bring you “A Night at the Museum“, a community-inspired holiday event to kickstart your Christmas shopping and holiday meal planning!

We’ve been all over Southern Alberta, visiting farms, meeting farmers and taking notes to make sure we bring you all the information you need to put a little more Lethbridge in your Christmas cooking. You’ll taste products from and learn more about:

  • Vital Green Dairy and Sheep Farm
  • Broek Pork Acres
  • Pura Vida Beef and Poultry Farm
  • Fairwinds Goat Farm
  • Driview Lamb Farm
  • J&M Farms
  • Leffers Brothers Organics

…including where in town you can buy their stuff for yourself! You’ll be surprised just how easy it is to support your community and help Lethbridge grow (and just how good it tastes!). We’ll also have recipes for you to take home of all the goodies you’ll be trying!

The gift shop will be open, so check out its awesome selection of works from local authors, artists and artisans. Passholders get 20% off all gift shop sales for the one night only, so it’s a pretty great night to come in and consider getting yourself a Galt pass 🙂

It’s open to the public and there will be food, drinks and fun- what more do you need?? Tell your ma and pa, aunties and uncles, and come help us celebrate our amazing community!

Facebook event page

Lethbridge Personal Chefs

Allez cuisine!

This is my friend, Chef Doug. He’s a (culinary) Olympian heading to Luxembourg. Think Iron Chef on hard mode.

He also made me the best damn Manhattan ever.

Overes can handle the heat (via Lethbridge Herald)

Cowabunga! Pizza for a park

There’s been a lot of talk about a new skatepark in Lethbridge. And recently, the Lethbridge Skate Association got a nice boost from Panago to help achieve that goal:

The LSA wants to send a huge thanks to Panago Pizza for donating Pizza coupons to be sold by the LSA as a fund-raiser! These coupons are $10 each and entitle you to any Medium Panago Pizza!

You can pick your coupons up at West 49, Infamous and Boarderline!

This fund-raising is going towards the costs of planning and developing our new skatepark! 100% of every dollar sold goes towards our new park, so come show your support and buy yourself some pizza coupons!

I like that idea (and pizza)! I agree with Wade Gallow that Lethbridge needs more recreational things-to-do for youth, and a skatepark is a great idea. Also, skateboarding is totally badass, even though I can’t even sit on a board.

Lethbridge Skate Association

McGuinty’s, the new pub in town

Last night, my friends and I decided to check out the new Irish pub in Lethbridge, McGuinty’s. It’s located in the old Roadhouse building, which it shares with Pulse nightclub. I question that a little.

The pub is only about a month old, so it smells of fresh paint rather than booze or anything else. Although it seems to be lacking some charm, I think given enough time it will grow into its skin.

The great thing about it is some of the drinks they have on tap – Kilkenny, Harp, Guinnes and Strongbow. Since we went on a Tuesday, it was a dollar off draft. Their menu also sounds really, really good, but a little on the pricey side. I was able to sample a deep-fried dill pickle and some beer-battered onion rings. Tasted great.

McGuinty’s also has a couple dart boards, which I am awful at playing. At least I wasn’t the only one to put a hole in the wall! But after a little coaching by a fellow that was playing next to us, my game improved (slightly). Now I’m not sure if he was drunk or just Irish, but he was a friendly sort and apparently taught folks to play darts. So thanks, whoever you are.

Long story short, the verdict is that I like it. I’m interested in seeing the Lethbridge Fire Dept Piping Band there in a couple of days.

Though, I’m not sure how the club hoppers and pub drunkards will relate, but I’m sure the amount of stabbings will probably stay the same.

McGuinty’s Irish Pub (via Facebook)