Changing Faces Coffee House tonight

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. In recognition of this day, “Changing Faces Coffee House” will be presented in the City Hall Atrium: A complimentary evening of music, art, story telling and other cultural experiences If you missed the Anti-Racism March earlier today, stop by tonight between 7:30 – 9:30PM. …

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The great outdoors

As a kid, there was always dirt under my fingernails and I had a perpetual tan from always being outdoors. That’s because I was lost in the woods and raised by wolves during my formative years.

Growing up, I had the luxury of running around with my friends, exploring my surroundings and gaining valuable like skills, like fighting for meat. It’s a game we’d play.

The point I’m getting to is that I had the freedom as a child to go unsupervised on my own adventures, climb trees, catch frogs, scrape my knees, take risks and learn the consequent lessons from them. I was what some nowadays call a “free-range kid.”

“We’ve done it for cattle and for chickens – it’s time we unleashed this generation of kids.” – Carl Honoré

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Some say party, we say “RD!”

Every city has a scene – some are bigger, some are badder but all a reflection of what that city/town/rural meet up is. Lethbridge, typically thought of as a conservative town, has an incredible “scene.” From Endangered Ape to The Turncoats; The Darby and Joan Club to the Chief Mountain and the White Guy; we have got it all. There is an interesting dynamic here in Lethbridge. We have a ton of musical artists, many who play in several bands, some who play in almost all. A changing face almost every month, projects and sub-projects appear and disappear. There are a few people who really drive it, you can usually tell who these people are in any city. Certain distinguishing marks set these go getter’s out.

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The Lethbridge Connection

There’s something unique about this city, and it’s not just the aroma of 2nd Avenue North. You may not immediately notice it, but it seems that everyone here knows one another. At least, in some manner.

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