Helena Bonham Carter…in Lethbridge?

Old news to some (happenened back in August '12), though news to me. It's like when Lady Gaga was in Lethbridge…but who knew? Anyway, Helena Bonham Carter somehow took a wrong turn down some street in Hollywood and ended up in our city, at Silla Designs. I don't know if she actually bought anything, or maybe just had to use the restroom.

Helena Bonham Carter

So aside from that, and because I don't have anywhere else to tell this story, my sister once was a table or two away from Heath Ledger and Michelle Williams in Calgary, while the couple was filming "Brokeback Mountain." That makes me cool too. Does anyone know if they dating before or after the movie, because I still wonder who is better in bed – Michelle or Jake Gyllenhaal?

Helena Bonham Carter goes shopping in Lethbridge (Calgary Herald)

Oh snap!

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